30 Day Protest For Our Children’s Rights / The “Proclamation”

Donald Tenn with Channel 10 for 30 day protestToday, May 24 2011, is day 31 of my “30 Day Protest For Our Children’s Rights”. As part of this protest for our children’s rights, I spent a full 30 days high atop a 150′ Sacramento based communications tower.

I placed large banners on all faces of the tower ranging in size from 14′ x 21′ to as large as 20′ x 30′. The messages were clear, “Hey Judges, get a clue, children need both parents, Grandparents too!”, “HONK 4 Children’s Rights” and of course what has become known around the world as the FBI banner, the Fathers4Justice KPOW banner.

My objective behind this protest was to bring about awareness of our children’s rights. It is my belief and hundreds of studies show, our children need both fit and willing parents in their lives in order to grow up to be good, productive citizen’s within our society.

I started my protest on April 23, 2011, this was 2 days before what is recognized all around the world as “Parental Alienation Awareness Day” April 25th. On April 25th alienated parents and children the world over have been lighting candles to recognize this