REWARD FOR ARREST Christina Anderson / Sacramento, California

On february 22, 2012 the Fathers4Justice office was burglarized of tens of thousands of dollars in office equipment. Said office equipment also consisted of very sensitive, legal and emotional data.

I am very disgruntled with regard to the lackadaisical attitude being taken by the authorities with regard to the burglary of said office equipment.

I further believe and statistics prove that because this crime was committed by a white female named Christina Anderson from Sacramento, California(Florin Area) it is not being given the serious consideration it would be given if the crime were committed by a male. AND what will happen to Christina Anderson when she is arrested?

The California State law as described in Penal Code 459 PC is not by any means vague, nor is the crime considered lightly, If you are entering a structure with the intent to commit a felony, or any theft once inside, this is considered to be 1st degree burglary with a penalty of up to 6 years in prison. In California you do not even have to “break and enter” in order to be recognized as a burglar. If any part of your body crosses the threshold of any building, including a flashlight in your control, you have illegally entered that building.

Will the prosecuting attorney of Sacramento, Jan Scully prosecute Christina Anderson of Sacramento, California for 1st degree burglary? Well, every law abiding citizen would certainly hope so, wouldn’t they. Attorney’s, if of course being compensated to do so will argue anything. The prosecuting attorney is however a salaried position, as a matter of record, Sacramento tax payers pay Jan Scully $236,870 a year, no more or less, win or lose. What then is the prosecuting attorney’s incentive? Percentages, how many convictions do they have? That is what it’s all about, whether or not one is convicted of 1st degree burglary or jaywalking. If one pleads guilty to jaywalking, Jan keeps her percentages up and keeps her job.

Sacramento prosecuting attorney Jan Scully and I have crossed paths before. Almost a full 6 years ago I asked her office to prosecute my then wife Shannon Phillips for abducting our daughter Madison. We all know how that turned out, here I am a full 6 years later, once a primary care giving stay at home daddy, now an alienated stranger. Why didn’t Jan prosecute Shannon? was it a gender issue? Of course it was, if i would have taken our daughter Madison across 6 state lines, I would literally still be in jail.

As futile as my attempts may seem, I am very adamant when it comes to matters regarding the law. For the most part, these laws were suggested by us the citizenry and then written by our elected officials on our behalf. Why then must we always fight to have these laws enforced? I will however again go and sit and wait in Jan Scully’s office and again ask that she do the right thing, prosecute this criminal to the full extent of the law regardless of their gender. Obviously if Jan would have prosecuted Shannon Phillips for abducting my daughter Madison 6 years ago, I would not be here now…

In the mean while, I have been taking every measure possible to garner the return of our equipment. I was told day one by the police, “Forget about it Mr. Tenn, everything is long gone”. “What? you are giving up already? we haven’t even gotten started investigating and we are giving up? Not I.” We have in fact received part of our equipment back, it was not of course as a direct result of fine police work. It was because I would not give up and Christina Anderson of Sacramento, California I know you are reading this. You stole over 8,000 pictures and gigabytes of video of my daughter, my children, my family and my friends, rest assured, I will never stop until I have every item returned and you are incarcerated for a full 6 years in prison.

With all of this stated, the fact remains that SOME members of the Sacramento Police Department and now the Detective are just sitting on this case. We have eye witnesses, sworn statements, video, finger prints and more yet the detective is too busy to go and pick Christina Anderson up. Hell, I have even been told where Christina is and how to get ahold of her!!! How do we resolve this issue? Well, we are going to need to garner some media attention. SpiderMan is old and tired, his costume doesn’t fit too well anymore but obviously we are going to need him to step up once again and fight crime.

Reward for arrest:

Peter Parker