Baby Future WINS Equal Custody with Daddy Future and Mommy Ciara

So the custody battle between 30 year old ‘Ciara’, the music artist some call “The First lady of Crunk & B” and baby daddy 32 year old music artist ‘Future’, ends up as it should have started, Equal parenting rights for their 1 year old baby son named after his father ‘Future’.

What really happened here? two attorneys and the judiciary made a lot of money playing the game of ‘family law’ in California which of course already recognizes joint physical and legal custody unless of course ‘Ciara’ would have done what all too many baby mama’s do in situations such as this, they throw in the false allegation of abuse. Right now moms everywhere are saying, “WHAT did Donald just say?” I just said that all too often mothers in family court use what is recognized as the “Abuse Excuse” and why do they do so? For full custody, every mother knows, if you really want to hurt a father, hit him where it hurts, take away the only thing that really matters to him on the planet, take away his baby.

How can I say it is a “False Abuse Excuse”? Because if it were a valid claim it would have come out well before the custody battle. If it were a valid claim ‘Ciara’ would have called the police 18 months ago and had ‘Future’ arrested then, well before any custody battle arose, but there was no abuse so ‘Ciara’ did not call the police and she did not use the all too often abused, false abuse excuse.

Now, with that said, I am here to tell you that this case is far from over, both ‘Ciara’ and ‘Future’ have plenty of money left and there are plenty of people who know how to separate them from their money with absolutely no thought for the true best interest of baby ‘future’. Ciara is going to be coached by her friends, by DV shelters and more, so get ready ‘Future’ because your future in family court is just now starting. What can you do to prepare for what may be some of the most disgusting comments one human being can make against another? Well, you better give us a call over here at Fathers4Justice. Just send an e-mail to, I can not reveal anyone’s names but you will be surprised at how many of your friends have become members and if they don’t have equal parenting rights, we are working on it and rest assured, one day, we will all enjoy equal parenting rights. So, for now we must fight for what we all should already understand and enjoy. When two parties decide they can no longer get along and wish to go their separate ways, they should not have to be concerned about who will get custody, it will be equal, it is what our children want, it is what most parents want and more importantly, if we are talking about the “TRUE Best interest of our children” we are talking about their right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents.