Brooklyn woman stabs herself blames ex-husband

Brooklyn woman stabs herself blames ex-husband, False Allegations, Abuse

Brooklyn woman stabs herself blames ex-husband

Posted on May 14 2014 by Donald Tenn in False Allegations, Abuse

Christine Capurso the 49 year old ex-wife of Yonkers New York assistant fire chief Robert Capurso has been charged with filing a false police report. Christine Capurso who resides in Sound Beach, Suffolk County New York filed a report stating that her ex-husband and two other men kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her and then stabbed her.

Apparently the ex Mrs. Capurso called 911 on January 16th and stated that she had been kidnapped in Long Island, New York. Mrs. Capurso further stated that a gunman forced her to drive to Westchester where she said she was then sexually assaulted in the woods near her ex-husband Robert Capurso’s home.

Fortunately for ex-husband Robert Capurso, Westchester County Police Captain Christopher Calabrese saw discrepancies in her claim and decided to further investigate these most serious claims. Calabrese stated, “Her ex-husband faced up to 25 years or greater in prison if found guilty of these false allegations” Calabrese further stated, “We felt it was important to be fully investigated and proved to be false so that it would not happen again, as it has happened numerous times in the past.” In fact, Christine Capurso has made several other false claims of abuse against her ex-husband all of which were proven to be false.

As stated, Christine Capurso has made these false allegations on several other occasions yet she has still not been held accountable for her actions, why is this? Is this a gender issue? Why is it that making such a painfully obvious false claim such as this, time and again is only a minor infraction? Yet, Mr. Capurso faced up to 25 years in prison? This begs the question, How many good men and fathers are in prison today as a result of similar actions? How many fathers are not seeing their children right now today because of similar false allegations?

I will answer that question! I personally know several fathers who are in prison right now today based on false allegations by their ex-wife. Statistics show us that anywhere from as few as 30% to as high as 70% of these claims are false! My opinion? One false claim is one too many!

I have also met, while incarcerated for acts of civil disobedience, acts taken by myself to bring awareness to this terrible injustice, many fathers and men who were also wrongfully incarcerated. The stories are all the same, “She made false allegations, now I am in jail and I can not see my children”. I personally can even take this a step further and state that I too have had false allegations of abuse imposed upon myself, why? to hit me where it hurts, to take the only thing that matters to me away, my children… Who really gets hurt in these matters? The children that’s who!

Fathers4Justice would like to now take a moment in time to say, “Thank You” to Westchester County Police Captain Christopher Calabrese for taking the time to fully and properly investigate these allegations. He could have done what most other Police stations and prosecutors do, he could have just filed the claim and taken the VAWA check courtesy of Joe Biden and forgotten all about the matter but he did not.. We need more people like Westchester County Police Captain Christopher Calabrese! Thanks again Captain! You are a true Fathers4Justice Superhero!