California Innocence Project, “The March”

Innocence March with Donald TennJust imagine being incarcerated for a crime which you did not commit and no one would listen and no one cared. Unfortunately innocent people have spent their entire lives in prison for crimes which they did not commit. Fortunately for us all, there are now organizations which listen, care, research and aggressively work towards bringing about awareness and the release of those innocent persons, one such organization is the Innocence Project.

Donald Tenn joined the California Innocence Project March in Sacramento, California on the Morning of Thursday, June 20th 2013 at Raley Field where he marched the last leg of the 714 mile march from Raley Field to the California State Capitol in Sacramento.

Donald was marching not just on behalf of the California 12 wrongfully incarcerated but on behalf of all wrongfully incarcerated persons throughout California, The United States and all around the world. Donald was quoted as saying, “I know what it’s like to be both wrongfully accused and then incarcerated for speaking up against those who wrongfully accuse, I have lived it and I have several friends who are now and have been wrongfully incarcerated for years. It is for this reason that Fathers4Justice started our own campaign to bring about awareness, No Jail For Being A Dad.” Since it’s inception the “No Jail For Being A Dad Campaign” has heard from and worked to help literally dozens of incarcerated persons all around the country.

On June 20, 2013 Donald was primarily marching on behalf of wrongfully imprisoned Bill Coleman. In Bill’s campaign to bring about awareness of his innocence, Bill is now recognized as the longest living hunger striker ever. You can find Bill Coleman’s story on his website here:

The Fathers4Justice story on Bill Coleman can be found here:

The Fathers4Justice “No Jail For Being A Dad” Facebook page can be found here:

The video of Donald Tenn’s visit and protest for Bill Coleman’s release can be found here:

The innocence project march concluded on June 20th as the walkers presented the clemency petitions to Governor Brown’s office but the campaign continues… Please check back for updates as they continue to work to free the innocent.