Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards to mediate Child Support

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards to mediate Child Support

It seems that Charlie Sheen is another in a long list of parents to follow the advice of Fathers4Justice when it comes to child support and parenting time, our advice? “No See, No Pay”. Charlie Sheen has been paying his ex-wife and baby momma Denise Richards $55,000.00 a month in support for their 2 daughters, 9 year old Sam and 8 year old Lola for several years. Denise Richards does have sole physical and legal custody of their daughters but she has up until approximately 2 months ago, been allowing both Sam and Lola their right to spend time with their daddy. Charlie Sheen has even gone to the expense to buy Denise and his daughters a house close to his so that they could more easily enjoy their much needed parent-child relationship.

For whatever reason and good reasons are very few and far between, Denise Richards decided to no longer allow their children to see their daddy. Charlie is again proceeding ahead in the proper manner, he has asked his ex-wife Denise Richards to mediate their issues and come to a resolve which is hopefully in the best interest of those two little girls. What is that best interest? It is of course their right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parent lives.

I know, I am probably one of the few with this opinion but I have always felt that Denise Richards was one of those stand up moms, a mom who, no matter what the attorneys, the judges, or others who profit off of the pain and suffering of those going through a divorce, Denise Richards was above all of that. I also know there is much more to this story than I am at this point in time aware, but hopefully Charlie will give us a call so that we can offer additional guidance in this matter. Denise, the offer is of course open to you as well! Let’s focus on the best interest of those little girls and do all that we can to reestablish that relationship with their father again as soon as possible. We have another ten years until those little girls become of age at 18, let’s not make those years any more difficult than they may already be… show those girls what it’s like to be a good mom, show America, show the whole world!

We are living in a time of societal change Denise, the far greater majority of people agree, children need both of their parents in order to grow up to become healthy, productive citizens in society and I feel certain that is what we all want for Sam and Lola.

Donald Tenn