Child Support, Who’s your Daddy?

When it comes to running the business of child support who the father may be is of little concern. Of greater concern is how much money does this man have! The business of child support is recognized as the biggest scam and abuser not only of fathers but also of children since the beginning of time. This article is about another, yes one of at least thousands of persons who are paying Child support for a child that is not theirs! Meet Randy Bryant…  Another man who is paying child support for a child that is not his! You can find out more on how child support is abusing Randy Bryant here:

Child support, it is rarely about the Best Interest of the Children. OUR government’s idea of child support is about funding an industry, a federal financial incentive to separate children from one of their parents in a matter of divorce or separation. And a full 80% of the time that separated party is the father, or, in this case, it is not even the father!

TRUE Child support comes from both parents sharing equally in loving, guiding, protecting and supporting their children in all that they do. Child support is not about giving money to a 3rd party government agency. My parents both paid child support their entire lives but they were never divorced, how could this be? The TRUE meaning of child support is about spending time with your children, helping with homework, playing ball, reading bedtime stories, going to the movies, participating in school activities, riding bikes, going to the park, even the evolutionary process itself is a part of child support. This as the evolutionary process consists in part on us as parents teaching our children how to do better than we did,

We teach our children from the lessons we learned and the mistakes we made in our own lives, every parent wants their children to have a better, more educated, more valuable, easier life than they did. We do in fact work to make our children’s lives better and easier than we had in our own. This is evolution and without the father, or both parents sharing equally in our children’s lives we fail to evolve as a society and those signs of failure are sadly everywhere we look.

Former Child Support Enforcement agent Carol Rhodes explains the scam in detail here:

You can find information on Carol Rhodes book, “Friend of the court, enemy of the family” here:…/…/0966816102

I will be adding more information on how the child support system abuses our children and murders their father’s in the coming weeks as my time allows. However, in the mean time you should understand that the business of child support receives federal funding and financial incentives from the federal government’s Social Security Act Title iv-d program. Yes, your social security dollars are used to abuse children and murder fathers and EVERYBODY who pays into the Social Security program is funding these actions.

Have you ever wondered why America’s ANTI-Family courts separate children from their good, fit and willing fathers? It is because every year the federal government offers up between 4.5 and 4.8 BILLION dollars to the states who need this money because the father has left the mother to support the children on her own. Well, this is not the truth. The truth is that the so-called Family Courts are willfully and deliberately with malice aforethought deliberately removing these fathers from their children’s lives so that they may garner a  bigger portion of that 4.5 to 4.8 BILLION dollars offered up through the Social Security Acts Title iv-d program. In fact, the states actually compete for a greater portion of these funds by separating more fathers from their children. Those are the facts, plain and simple, now you know!