Children Left Home Alone Is it REALLY OK

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Children's Human Rights Activist

Children’s Human Rights Activist

I originally wrote about this news article several months ago, but it appears, news such as this, sometimes just does not go away… and quite frankly, in this case, I agree! This article deserves more attention, especially so by the judiciary. If you take the time to read this article and you have any compassion for children or even humanity for that matter at all, you will understand why it is that I have felt so strongly about the article. But, it is not only I, apparently, anyone and everyone who reads this article are again becoming outraged. This gives myself, for one, faith once again in humankind.

I am not going to go into much more detail on my own personal opinion, but if you have one on this, I would certainly like to hear it…

I will however close with what the so-called family courts are supposed to base all of their rulings on when it comes to our children, the keywords are of course, “The Best Interest Of The Children” Would you consider this to be in the “Best Interest of the Children” to leave them HOME ALONE for 3 weeks with NO FOOD, NO HEAT, NO GAS, NO LOVE?