Congressman Ami Bera

Congressman Ami Bera

Donald Tenn

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

Congressman Ami Bera, Representing the 7th district, sent me an e-mail today highlighting all of his achievements as well as all of his future plans for the 7th District and California as a whole. So, in that I have not yet met Congressman Bera, I thought I would drop him a quick e-mail response introducing myself to him. I don’t usually communicate with my legislative branch of government via e-mail. I usually take the time to actually write a letter and I highly recommend that if you want those who represent, “We the People” to respond, you should probably try to establish a rapport via snail mail or in person. In any event, let’s see if Congressman Bera can return the professional courtesy and respond to my questions in a timely and professional manner… but more importantly, if he does respond, let’s see if he is on topic. Here is my e-mail to Congressman Bera…

Dear Representative Bera,

Thank You for writing me! We have not, as of yet, had the pleasure of meeting and or communicating. I have met people who have both spoken very highly of you and your efforts and those who have spoken very poorly of you and your efforts. As someone who is also in the media and outspoken on my belief’s, I have been on CNN twice and over 100 different TV stations around the country. So, obviously, I also have those who both support and disagree my opinions.

As a true activist for human rights with a heavy emphasis on our children’s rights, I have made it a point to meet and communicate with quite a few of the members of my legislative branch over the years, in fact, I was just meeting with several members of our legislature last month with regard to the audit of the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) and my concerns with said audit.

I am busy, I receive hundreds of e-mails every day as I am sure you do as well, and you will probably never take the time to read my communication as you have many issues but fortunately for you, you do have aides to assist in your efforts, as a non-profit, we are all unpaid volunteers. However, as unpaid volunteers, we obviously care very much about our cause and that is, of course, our children’s human right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents in the matter of divorce or separation.

Yes, Family law, it is a dirty business with a lot of he said, she said. But those of us who have been working on this issue for over 30 years are well aware of the hundreds of millions of dollars which our federal government sends to California State from the Social Security Act’s title IV-D program specifically for separating children from one of their parents and as much as 84.4% of the time nationally, that parent is the father.

We are finally at a point in time in our history, after 50 years of separating children from one of their parents and destroying the family unit and their entire history as a family… We are finally at a point where our judiciary is recognizing the adverse effects Parental Alienation is having on our society as a whole.

At least once every week, this office receives an e-mail with a study as compiled by a University, a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist clearly indicating their findings that our children do better in every facet of their lives when they share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents.

Dr. Ami Bera, I know you are busy, as am I, we have groups in all 50 states and chapters in 8 countries and growing. I have the e-mail addresses of over 260,000 persons around the world voicing their concerns for our children. It is time for a change, it is time to focus on what is truly important in our society and that is and always will be, our children. As adults, and parents, our children are depending on us to protect and guide them. Dr. Bera, Please join me in protecting our children and their Human Rights!

I will look forward to future communications on this subject matter, Thanks for your time!

Donald Tenn
President – Fathers-4-Justice
Founder – Fathers-4-Justice International

“We are Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, and Children, we are everywhere and we are organizing”