Custody and Parenting time at the Aerospace Museum in California


Mike Rutledge Father, Museum volunteer and a very kind and personable being

Mike Rutledge Father, Museum volunteer and a very kind and personable being

The Aerospace Museum of California is an aviation museum located in North Highlands, California-based on the former grounds of what was once recognized as the grounds of the former McClellan Air Force base. This Aerospace Museum now features displays of authentic military and civilian aircraft as well as space vehicle replicas. Of course, because our time was limited, as it was also recognized as parenting time…The museum preserves the history and mission of this former base as well as those of neighboring bases. A key element to this base is, of course, those giving the tour such as our guide, Mr. Mike Rutledge. Mike was a veteran of the Viet Nam war and probably spent time in Korea as well. Mike is a veritable plethora of knowledge of all of the aircraft on said base and his knowledge alone is heroic to say the least, I highly recommend a tour of this base and if you are fortunate enough to have Mike as your guide, I can assure you that his knowledge is inclusive of every facet of every plane at this museum.



Donald Tenn and Mike Rutledge

Donald Tenn and Mike Rutledge

I was also fortunate enough to spend my time with two children, also veterans of a war and the abuse of Parental Alienation but they too are heroes for surviving the war against children within our anti-family courts. Both of these children, approximately 8 & 9 years old were a genuine pleasure to spend the day with. The older of the two children, Daniel, is a very kind, caring and polite young man, I was very pleased to see that he was not a victim of Parental Alienation. I also had the pleasure of sharing my time with Hailey, she is 8 years old and of course, nothing short of being a true sweetheart and of course, she has complete control of my heart. We have known each other for, probably 7 years but we have not seen each other for a while, I am happy to be seeing and spending time with her again. The more time we spend with each other, the more we have as of late become very good friends. We have much in common and very much enjoy sharing each other’s company. We have even as of late decided to share the daddy, daughter dance. Yes… that was it for me! Hailey saw a sign at a local church as we were driving down the road which said, “Daddy, Daughter Dance” and she immediately said, “I want Donald to take me to that dance!” My heart immediately broke and I obviously agreed, “Yes! there is nothing I would rather do than spend time with my dear friend Hailey, at that Daddy/Daughter dance! So, we are going to watch the dance contest on Pulp Fiction as well as countless other dances on YouTube until we come up with our own routine. I have got to mention at this point in time that even though Hailey is only 8 years old, she is my friend AND she is an excellent dancer so… I have my work cut out for me but I have no intention of letting her down. So, be sure to watch our video on YouTube!


Mike Rutledge Great with both his knowledge of the aicrft and interacting with children

Mike Rutledge Great with both his knowledge of the aircraft and interacting with children

I don’t know what Sacramento Board of Supervisor, @DonNottoli will be doing, nor do I know what #ElkGrove Mayor @SteveLy will be doing but I do know it will be anti-child as we have already been down this road on April 25th, recognized all around the world as Parenetal Alienation Awareness Day and their efforts were the only anti-child efforts in the entire country and yes, of course, I have copies of their documentation which clearly stated, “We do not support these child positive efforts”. The City of Elk Grove was the only city in the Nation to be, anti-child…

Special Thanks to Mike, Daniel and Hailey for making my day a very special day, “THANKS AND MUCH LOVE TO ALL”!

Now it’s time for me to write Mike a personal and special letter thanking him for all he has given of his life for our country and our over 300 million citizens all too many who even though countless have fought and given of their greatest asset, their lives, and/or their own relationship with their own families, so that you and I may share those daddy-daughter dances with those who have no daddy.

I have often wondered countless times over these past 12 years since the one person on this continent of over 300 million who cares more about you than anyone else, that one person who it is that takes you to all of those daddy-daughter dances. Madison Nicole Tenn, even though I will not be with you during this upcoming daddy-daughter dance, I trust you will be with someone who truly cares about your well-being and you will never forget that yes, you do have a daddy and he would do anything to love, guide and support you, no matter what anyone else may be saying to you during these special times in your life, Yes… I am always thinking about you and all of the fatherless children during this and any and all other upcoming fatherless daddy-daughter dances.

Special love to Mike, Madison, Hailey and the other 25 million children who will not share this or any other daddy-daughter dance on February 03, 2018 or any other date. Please try and remember as my father told me every single day…”There is nothing more important than family!

Donald Tenn
Activist for all of our children’s human rights!