Donald Tenn attends ANTI-CPS Ralley

Activism Donald TennDonald Tenn is a long time advocate for CPS/DFS reform. Having worked with victims of CPS all around the country it soon became obvious that victims of CPS suffered from many of the same issues, of course the guidelines and laws for how this agency is supposed to conduct business are in affect, the problem unfortunately is that CPS does not adhere to said laws.

Bringing forth awareness of these actions is paramount, there is strength in our numbers, we must always work together, united to affect a change. Donald is aggressively working with several other organizations in an effort to unite all. The organization Families4Justice is being designed as a national organization for all, all parents will be able to garner information from each and work together within this 501(c)(4) to affect the much needed awareness of the abuses which CPS has inflicted upon our children.

There are several organizations, members of the BAR around the country who are also working on making certain that parents and children receive fair hearings in these matters wheb dealing with CPS, It is Mr. Tenn’s plan to work together with these attorneys in this campaign to reform CPS. The following is one of the many ANTI-CPS Rallies in which Mr. Tenn has participated. These united efforts by all has resulted in an audit of CPS being conducted at this point in time. If you have a concern about how CPS has conducted themselves when dealing with you or your children do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tenn at:

Published on Jun 7, 2013 from the On Second Thought News Network OSTNN

Don TENN, for Fathers for Justice, shows up on 1 day notice, to be at rally for
Alex & Anna Nikolayev & baby Sammy and others on June 5th, 2013, the first time
C.P.S. lying Criminals were hauled in front of the Joint Legisilative Audit Committee.
He spent his time talking to Father victims of a Cruel and Un-American CPS system, and
did not speak in the Comm. Rm 444 after the protest.