The Donald Tenn Bucket List

As I find myself at this point in my life where I am testing the waters of an after life? Nah… all we are is dust in the wind. I have decided to compile a list of things that I want to do, I have done, the Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Much of this will be an Exposé of those who have abused my children, my family and myself. No, not venting, this will be actual matter of fact situations and what it is that I have done and/or am doing to rectify the situation. Those who know me have oft times heard me say, “I am not taking this shit to my grave” Well, here is proof! I am, as I work to rectify these injustices going to write about it as well. Yes I know what you are thinking, I also speak of not telling others your move before you make it, much of what we do in life is a series of well thought out calculated moves, much like chess. With that said and understood, why would I tell anyone or everyone my moves? Well, maybe this is part that Chess match? let’s see how it goes. If nothing else it will be an Exposé. In my day to day communications with all too many people, I know the majority of us feel the same, there are givers and takers, I have certainly lived the life of a giver and many have taken advantage of my kindness, so now I am going to write about it, “I am not taking this shit to my grave”.

The first thing on my Bucket List? Pay for a full 10 years of hosting and have a friend back up the site regularly so that when I am gone, my Bucket List will continue to live on to be shared with all.

Have a comment about something I say about you and others? Bring it on, I will post all, this will be an open dialogue for the world to see!