Equally Shared Parenting is in the best interest of all

Parental Alination

Donald Tenn

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

Equally shared parenting is in the best interest of all but especially so for our children!
Sadly the judges, attorneys. mediators and their minions disagree…

It is common knowledge by intelligent parents, there are countless studies by the greatest minds in the greatest universities all around the world but more importantly… Our children understand and wish they could share equally in the lives of both parents in such matters.

So, what is the issue, 50 BILLION dollars a year generated by judges, attorneys, mediators and other minions to keep the animosity ongoing, no matter the cost to our children and the future of our society.
Of course, this does not include the over 400 BILLION dollars and much more dispersed in incentives and more to separate children from one of the parents through the Social Security Act’s Title IV-D program and of course over 80% of the time the alienated parent is the father. Nor does this include the over 660 million dollars dispersed to the domestic violence industry to further perpetuate false allegations.
Talking on Facebook, blogs, posting meme’s is simply not working, certainly hiring attorneys does not work as it is their job to create greater animosity in an effort to continue the process until all family assets are in fact depleted and the children are alienated from one of their parents, usually the father.
If I were to kill a baby seal tomorrow, it would be front page news world wide, yet our own children are abused by our own government every single day and no one does anything… What is more valuable to you? Your child or that baby seal? It is time to stand up, lock arms as we have since the founding of this country and every social injustice since that time. We the people must lock arms, we must refuse to hire attorneys and we must make our demands known, we as parents will protect our children or, we are willing to die trying.
This must be the evolution to the revolution, we can no longer know our children are being abused and allow such actions to occur.
Donald Tenn