Activists working towards change

Activism is an intentional action with the primary goal of bringing about change through awareness. An activist is anyone who is fighting for a change in society. A person who is an activist enjoys what is among the most satisfying and rewarding lives one can live. A true activist enjoys the feeling that comes with helping others and striving towards societal change.

Law and Public Policy

There are many areas within the legal profession that provide careers associated with social activism. Areas such as human-rights law and public-interest law are activist careers that provide you with the opportunity to implement change in society. Many areas of law incorporate activism, which is ironic considering the reputation that the law has in the other direction.

Social Work

Although this seems obvious, social work is a career in which the main goal is to make positive changes in society. A job in social work includes lobbying governments, providing counseling, participating in research, and working on development and evaluation projects that work to make changes in a larger system. This is a job that is difficult at times, depending on the conditions of the work environment.

Government and International

A social activist is able to have a career in lobbying the government to bring about change on both a domestic and international level. Working for the UN on peacemaking efforts is the clearest example of this form of social activism. Activists are often known for trying to bring about political change both at home and abroad.


In recent times, there has been a rapid increase in environmental social activists because of the current threat to the environment. These activists understand that working for environmental sustainability is crucial in maintaining the world. Pretty much any work that has a goal to protect the environment is a form of social activism.

There are many exciting activist jobs out there for people who are interested in making positive changes in the world. Social activists range from specific focuses to broad focuses but always have a general purpose of making a change in society.