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Fair Divorce

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Donald Tenn

Are you ready for more of the same old gender-biased, anti-father, total misrepresentation of the overall facts of father’s rights and the divorce industry? Well, it was just posted in one of our groups and the article was entitled…  “Why Fathers Leave Their Children” The article is so one-sided anti-father, gender biased I had to respond as follows, but first… here is a link so that you may respond your own views!


More of the same old gender-biased, anti-father, misrepresentation of the overall facts. What previous experience and/or education do these so-called researchers have?

I can provide countless studies by legitimate, world renowned psychologists, childhood experts, child rearing experts, parenting experts, marriage experts, relationship experts, parental alienation experts and more. Hell, I have done my own studies not just in one or two cities but I have traveled all around the country.

Why not walk into a family court sometime and do a study? I have done so in no less than 12 states. Within this arena one can easily see what really goes on, the anti-father, gender biased judges, destroying the family unit, the attorneys, mediators and more striving to make more money by creating greater animosity between what may already be warring parties. This is where, all too often, most any chance a father has of honoring that role, his obligation, his reason for being, is destroyed. And each and every father and mother know it well before even walking into the courtroom…

Society is changing daily, our roles as fathers and mothers are also changing, fathers want to play a greater role in their children’s lives. I believe the far greater number of fathers wish to have equal parenting time with their children.

Unfortunately, all too many fathers are still forced to walk into archaic, anti-father courtrooms, courtrooms who are more than happy to continue on in the same old fashioned manner they have for over 50 years because now they have built a business, a business which generates more than 50 billion dollars a year deliberately separating good, fit, willing parents, primarily fathers from their children.

So, Fair Divorce, There is nothing fair about the divorce industry and the facts, if anyone ever really does any so-called research, will clearly show, father’s do not leave their children…The far greater majority of fathers are forced out of the lives of their children and usually lose everything they have just trying to keep some semblance of a relationship with their children. It is a tough, miserable, daily battle but it is what good, fit, willing fathers are forced to do in an effort to be a part of their children’s lives.

Those are the facts, provided by someone who really has done their research!

Donald Tenn
Loving Father and Daddy of three alienated children… Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole Tenn. Your Daddy Loves You!