False Allegations of Abuse, The Business of Family Law Part 1

As an avid court watcher, I have actually watched matters of family law in courtrooms in 12 different states and more counties than I can ever remember. In doing so, I have found many constants, but the one I hear most frequently in every courtroom, also known as the “Silver Bullet” is the “False Allegation of Abuse.”

Hearing this, who do you think the victims of these allegations are most frequently levied upon? If you said the husband or father you are correct. In fact, a full 85% of allegations of abuse are made against men and fathers, this is down 5% from a statement I made to the media in 2008. Out of all of these allegations of abuse, only 15% of these are recognized as being warranted which means a full 70% of allegations of abuse made by women and mothers against men and fathers are false or unwarranted. These statistics should be recognized by anyone and everyone who reads them as nothing less than shocking. Knowing this, why are these acts of perjury allowed to continue? Why are family court judges ignoring the crime of perjury? Why are prosecuting attorneys not doing their job and prosecuting those who commit these crimes?

Here in this video, we see where a woman admits, “Yes, I did make false allegations of rape” Admirable? The issue here is that her false allegation of rape resulted in the accused spending 4 years of his life in prison. What did the judge rule as her punishment? Not only for her act of perjury but also her overall wrongdoing which cost this man 4 years of his life. She was ordered to serve 2 months in jail which she could also serve on weekends as convenient for her.

In any event, oft times the judge already knows, the allegations are false, however, the judge will also state that they just don’t want to take any chances. The judge wants you to believe they would rather issue an unwarranted order of protection than deny it and have a tragedy on their hands. Well, let’s just think about that for a minute, how often do you think that a piece of paper, an order for protection has ever stopped one human being, one who really wants to harm another, from doing so? I believe those statistics would come in at around 0%. I am saying this as it is my contention these requests for orders for protection are really all part of the business of family law.

Yes, the courts are issuing these orders for protection so that they may garner federal funding through the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA. Certainly, the attorneys are all for it regardless of what side they are on, for them it is all about billable hours. The attorney is not concerned with the best interest of any child other than their own. These false allegations of abuse are all about the business of family law and are actually encouraged to keep the business running and profitable.

As a matter of fact, I further believe any mum who commits perjury by filing a false order for protection could also care less about the best interest of the child. I say this as the mum obviously knows the order for protection is unwarranted, her only concern is to garner the upper hand and control the divorce proceeding. The mum has also at this point willfully and deliberately committed perjury in a court of law with the intent of removing the father from his children. Knowing as we do know now the importance of the father in the lives of their children is immeasurable, any mother who has made such allegations has not only committed perjury but may also be considered guilty of child abuse.

All too often the only one who truly cares about the children and the family unit is the father. Unfortunately, in order for the father to protect his own children, he must fight one false allegation after another, no matter what is thrown at him, for his children he must be nothing less than a pristine human being. Fortunately, this is not that difficult for most fathers, false allegations of abuse and oft times the most disgusting and bizarre thoughts one may devise are thrown at fathers but still, those of us who are loving, good, fit and willing carry on. This as we know, our children need us, they need us to love, guide, protect and support them the way our fathers before us did.

On the day that a man becomes a father, he realizes his true meaning in life, it is to love, guide, protect and support our children in all that they do. Try as they might, those who levy false allegations against may be able to slow us down, but we are never going away…

Part 1 of 3 parts on, False Allegations of Abuse, The Business of Family Law.
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