Family Law Judge Faces Charges

When a person takes on the role of Judgeship, it is not just a matter of ego, there are actually responsibilities, in fact, the responsibilities of being a family court judge should be taken very seriously as the lives of children and the future of entire families are at stake.There is no excuse and as a matter of record, the judicial canons are in place for just this sort of an issue.

There is in fact, no matter what judge DeAvila-Silebi may say… No excuse for her lackadaisical attitude towards her job and as a matter of record, the judicial canons are in place for just this sort of an issue.

Personally, I consider a complaint via the judicial canons as usually being biased in the judges favor and rarely is there any action taken against judges who believe they are the supreme rulers and that is exactly what judge DeAvila-Silebi felt she was at this point in time, the supreme ruler and no one was going to question her authority. Certainly not some 3rd party attorney calling the judge from the complainant‘s personal cell phone?

Wait.. What? The complainant‘s attorney called the judge from the mother‘s cell phone? How would one even know it was actually the attorney and not just the mum calling in a complaint?

No, there are too many variables here. Personally, if I were the father and/or the respondent in this matter I would have filed a complaint wth the Department of Justice and the FBI‘s Color of law as clearly judge DeAvila-Silebi violated the civil rights of both the father and his children.


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