Fathers Rights on Trial

In a desperate attempt to bring about awareness to the gender bias in family law… Two dads, Bobby Smith, 34, from Stevenage and Martin Matthews 48, from Great Bookham, Surrey both participated in a peaceful protest on Buckingham Palace. Both protestors who are members of the organization, New Fathers4Justice, now face lengthy prison sentences. Their crime? They wish nothing more than to share equally in the lives of their own children. How archaic must our judiciary and society as a whole be to continue on in what is becoming known as the greatest travesty to humankind ever, fatherlessness. Time and again it has been researched and proven by the greatest minds on our planet that in order for our children to grow up to become healthy, productive, well-adjusted members of our society they need both of their fit and willing parents equally involved in their lives.We all know the statistics and the adverse effects of these children who grow up without a father in their lives. In fact, we are seeing it almost nightly in the news all around the world and what is the common denominator in all of these stories, “He/She had no father”.  Tell me, why is it then that we all know fatherlessness has an adverse effect on the psyche’ of our children, which then correlates to what we all see happening every night on the news, yet we continue to ignore the obvious. Our children need both of their parents and that must be the default decision in any and all matters of divorce and separation where children are involved.It is time for a change and we all know it! Unfortunately these two dads may have to pay a heavy price for their actions but it is their children who are the real losers. Incarcerating a dad for wanting to be a dad is wrong and I support these two dads 100%. Serious charges are being levied against these two fathers when in all reality it is the judiciary who should be on trial here.Rest assured, these fathers have my full support and this story is not just going away, these two hero’s are going to be known worldwide for their actions for their children, your children and of course my children as well.
And here is the story as reported on Good Morning America:

Justice is Coming!