FOX News fires Anchorman Eric Bolling sadly his son, Eric Jr has died

Eric Bolling family photo courtesy of

Donald Tenn

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

I don’t usually write about my political views or national news unless of course it directly correlates with our children’s best interests and that, of course, is their right to share equally in the lives of both of their parents.

Of course, by now, everyone is familiar with the allegations posed against Fox News anchorman Eric Bolling and his dismissal from the Fox News network. I am not going to discuss the allegations because I would never stoop so low as to get involved in any such allegations and as far as I know, still at this point in time, they are nothing more than allegations.

I am however going to speak of Eric Chase Bolling Jr. as that is and has always been my primary concern in all that I do every day, our children. I have read some shocking statements, statements that should shame those who are making them for the rest of their lives. How anyone can be so heartless is beyond me, but I do know in order for there to be good, kind and caring beings, there, unfortunately, must also be evil, heartless beings…

With that said, I must respond by saying… No matter what anyone’s political views may be, allegations were made, even if they were true or false it matters not.

As a father myself, I am saddened to the point where it has, as it all too frequently does, it has moved me to tears. If there is a God above, may he now and forever more, love and care for this child, a child of his own.

Donald Tenn
Christopher, Leesha and Madison’s Daddy