Governor Brown Please Support AB 639 The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act

Donald Tenn Governor Jerry Brown Homeless Veterans AB 639Governor Brown,

I am writing you today to seek your support for Assembly Bill 639. As you are aware, AB 639 recognized as The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act was authored by Assembly Speaker John A. Perez out of necessity. Governor Brown, the numbers of homeless veterans in the State of California are nothing to be proud of, there are currently 2 million veterans residing in the State of California. Of those 2 million, a full 19 to as high as 50,000 of these 2 million veterans are homeless. The fact that any veteran, anywhere, is homeless and/or has no shelter or anywhere to go to get out of the adverse weather conditions is nothing short of appalling.

We as a society should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such an indignity to exist upon any human being but we add insult to injury when we ignore the welfare of our veterans, this is just too much adversity to bestow upon any human being. Governor Brown we may be able to rectify this situation, there may be a resolve within AB 639 which I hope you will give serious consideration. Apparently in 2008 California voters approved Proposition 12, a $900 million dollar bond to fund Veterans Farm and Home loan program. It is my understanding that the majority of these funds are still available. Please give serious consideration to the more urgent matter at hand, getting our veterans off the streets and into some form of shelter. We have several military bases within our state which are no longer in use, this would be an ideal resolve to this matter. Barracks are in place and may be able to be cost efficiently renovate these to house our veterans. We have an issue which must be addressed, we may have the funds and these military bases should be given serious consideration as the resolve.

Absolutely nothing positive comes from our veterans living on the streets, these conditions not only have an adverse effect on their physical well-being but it also has an adverse effect on their emotional well-being. I have always respected the fact that if anyone could resolve California’s budget woe’s you were the man for the job. I have not always agreed with all of your ideas but you are our Governor and I have respected and supported all of your efforts for that reason. Now Governor Brown, Please review Proposition 12 and Assembly Bill 639 and let’s see if we can help these veterans. Again, as you are aware, these veterans are mostly men, they were there when we needed them, we should be there when they need us. All too many men are already considered as disposable, we must not allow this to continue, we must take care of all of our citizens.


Donald Tenn