Happy Birthday Madison Nicole Tenn

Madison Nicole Tenn and her Daddy, Donald Tenn

Madison Tenn and her daddy, Donald Tenn

Madison Tenn and her daddy, Donald Tenn


Madison, not “ONE” single day in the past 10 years has gone by that I have not thought about you. I have relived our countless days of joyous laughter together, both while awake and at night in my dreams. Do you r
emember all of our days at the park where you learned how to climb and not bump your head? We always used your daddy’s hands to protect your head from the bars, because that is what loving dads do.We used to race on the slides together and then always practice balancing on the beams. I used to walk you to your school, it always felt so good to feel your hand in mine, sometimes you were tired so I would carry you on my shoulders. Sometimes I would stay at the school with you and help your teacher. I remember your teacher told everyone I was the best daddy she had ever known, she even wrote me a letter saying just that and thanking me for always helping out at your school, that made me happy but that was not why I was there, I was there for you.

Do you remember our tea parties, playing with your dolls, playing with your building blocks (You always used to knock the blocks down and laugh, remember?) We used to play daddy, mommy and baby in your doll house, Do you remember your daddy reading you story books in character over and over and over again until you would fall asleep next to daddy or even sometimes on my belly!


Do you remember when daddy took you to Disneyland? You were shy so daddy held your hand and we met Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy(He was so Goofy, but you liked him!) We even went to Cabo San Lucas one time and you met and played with all of the other kids on the beach in the sand.

During Christmas time we always bought a live tree to plant in the yard after Christmas but every year for Christmas we would all travel up to Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort. Daddy was just getting ready to teach you how to ski, Yes, just like I taught your mommy, your half-brother, Christopher Joseph and your half-sister, Leesha Dawn Tenns-Mathauser. We used to play in the snow all day and then go sit by the fireplace and warm up.

Do you remember our last Birthday Party together? I do! We were with all of your friends at Chuck E Cheese pizza parlor, I still have the video and will share it on YouTube so you can see it soon.

Everyone always called you, “Daddy’s little girl,” Yes, I always spoiled you, because that is one of daddy’s jobs, to spoil his little monkey with constant love and attention. Yes, I always called you “daddy’s little monkey” because you were always climbing all over me or sometimes just in my arms. Daddy was there when you would wake up in the middle of the night and yell, Daddy! And of course, whenever you had a boo-boo you would only let daddy fix it because only your daddy could fix it and then make it all better with a kiss and a hug.
Madison Honey… I miss you more than I hope you know because I would not want you to feel this pain in your heart or in your mind. I want you to know that even though you can not see me, I AM THERE with you every single day in all that you do. You are part of me, you are a half of your daddy and half of your mommy because we made you together, out of love, and nobody can ever take that away from you. So, when you feel that special love in your mind and in your heart, that is your daddy thinking about you and making sure you safe and well.

This is important honey… No matter what anyone may ever say to you, no one really loves you or cares about you more than your daddy and I hope you already know, and always remember just that. I wish I could be there with you in person, every day, loving you, protecting you and guiding you through every facet of life. But like I said above, even though I am not there in person, I AM DEFINITELY THERE IN SPIRIT and sometimes, like today, I can feel your spirit, so I know you can feel mine because it is ever present.

So Happy Birthday Honey, I have a whole bunch of very special Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts I have had for many years. I have tried to give them to you but nobody knows where your mommy has taken you away, or even why your mommy has taken you away from your daddy. I have asked, Kathy Waseen, Judge Thomas Cecil, Attorney Tony Nevarrez, Bobby Waseen, Shannon Dawn Phillips Klaska, Rebecca Lee Harrison, Attorney Priscilla Ebdon, Attorney Marvin Hanson, the Moultrie County Sheriff’s department, I have looked in Decatur, Illinois, and even in Oroville, California and many more places all around the country. The only person who is definitely trying to help find you right now is Dr. Phil but your mommy still hides you. Very soon many more people all around the world will be looking for you, you have been gone too long and everyone is worried about you, worried if you are safe and wondering why you were taken away…

MADISON NICOLE TENN , HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And… always remember and never forget, Your Daddy Loves YOU!