Parental Alienation Awareness Day – Child Protective Services (CPS)

Parental Alienation Awareness Day Resolution 2011  30day hunger StrikeParental Alienation Awareness Day is April 25th. Our children need both fit and willing parents as active participants in their lives. On May 25th 2006, Shannon Dawn Phillips, Waseen, Tenn, Thomas, etceteras abducted our daughter, Madison Nicole Tenn and took her across 6 state lines to Bethany, Illinois to hide Madison within the confines of the the house of abuse ran by Kathy Waseen.

Kathy Waseen used to run a house of abuse which was funded by our Social Security Act’s Title IV-E program for foster care homes. This is where Kathy Waseen further learned how to work together with her other friends within the abuse system where they abducted children from their parents through the CPS program for Federal dollars and acted as if they were protecting these children. As many of us are aware, these foster care homes are only in business for one reason, to generate income for the CPS agency and for the Foster care provider. Each and every day all across America, children are abused and even lose their lives within the confines of these properties.

It is our intention, as it is that of many caring citizens within America to put a stop to these acts of child abuse. Foster care homes and the removal of children from the family unit should only be utilized in the most extreme of cases, it is our belief that all options should first be exhausted to keep the children within the family unit, if not the parents, then the grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etceteras. We must stop traumatizing our children by removing them from their homes, the only homes they have ever known and then further traumatizing them by placing them in foster care, with complete strangers who have absolutely no knowledge of the care and needs of these children.

Let’s stop the abuse of America’s children, let’s form citizen’s committee’s to oversee the actions of CPS  and these foster care homes. Citizen’s committee’s who receive no compensation, only the knowledge that they have done the right thing for our children and society as a whole.