How is your sperm count

Sperm count down?

Donald Tenn The Red Pill

Donald Tenn

Too many people, especially men, do not understand and underestimate their own value.

In a happy society, reproduction by all species is high. Currently in our Western society the most dramatic changes are in the suicide rate. Too many are asking, “What is the use?” We are treated like second class citizens and our laws are made to enslave and tax those who give the most to further our society.

It’s time to understand and appreciate all that men do to further our society, not berate and incarcerate.

More studies will show, the value of men has long been taken for granted but of course those studies will also prove to be too little too late.

Of course there is blame on cigarettes and marijuana use as well but I don’t use either myself so that could not be considered if that were the case for myself.

However, if my sperm count were low, I would stand behind my own personal opinion. We as males, live in a society where we are considered to be and treated as at best, second class citizens. Our lives are considered expendable, no big deal, it is just another guy, either kill him or incarcerate him. It is painfully obvious to me every day, if I don’t see it within the media I am treated as such myself personally, that is of course until I open my mouth and speak my mind.

The data which we do have shows without a doubt, male suicides are considerably greater than that of female suicides. A great majority of our male population, I believe, lives in a depressed state and it has also been proven that an unhappy or disconsolate species is less likely to reproduce. If you are living in that state of mind, why would your body produce sperm? it probably would not.

Of course only time and greater study will offer a true resolve. But hell, we could even blame it radio frequency radiation and the use of cell phones.

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