How many mommys are too many

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Donald Tenn

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

This article was shared with me today…

I must assume as those who know me, know I have very strong feelings on this subject, and often speak up about the necessity of men understanding who the real father/daddy may be in matters of divorce or separation. I have realized and understand the joys of parenthood. I understand that when your child is birthed, the umbilical cord is cut and your child is immediately placed into father’s arms and for myself, through eyes streaming full of tears, I promised to always be there and always protect, love and guide each one of my three children.

I am going to go into much greater detail on fatherhood and the importance of all parties always knowing and respecting the real father and honoring certain boundaries, but for now, I am going to respond to this article in which the daughter’s biological mother allows her young daughter to also call her ex-husbands new wife, mommy. So, quickly, that is a synopsis of the article, the little girl calls both her biological mother mommy and her father’s new wife mommy. With that said, I would also be very curious as to your opinion on this subject…

Personally, I must admit, If this works for them, I am happy that it does, I just hope it does not create any confusion for the young child. Our children must always be of paramount concern in such matters. I myself have been in somewhat similar situations. Not through marriage, but dating a mother with children and the children wanted to call me “Dad”. I cared very much for these children, in fact, I would even go so far as to say that I loved them.

However, I was not their father, so I stated that I preferred to be called Donald as they have a father and they should call him Dad. The title “Dad” did not affect how I cared for these children but it may have troubled their father, so out of respect to him, I remained Donald.

I feel pretty strongly about this as I can understand and relate to Bill Hudson who has suffered a lifetime of heartache via Parental Alienation as the direct result of efforts by the so-called, human rights activist, “Goldie Hawn” and her long term so-called, hero boyfriend(In the make believe movies only) “Kurt Russell.” If he were a true hero, 30 years ago he would have said, “These children need to share in their father’s life and they will share in their father’s life even if I have to drive them to see him myself”.

So obviously, if all parties are fine with it, cool. But I believe the biological Father and/or Mother should be the ones agreeing to such a decision well before anyone who is not the biological parent starts calling themselves mommy or daddy.

As always,

Christopher, Leesha and Madison Tenn, Always remember and never forget, Your daddy loves you!