Human Rights Protests for Children

We have received 4 pcs banners for the express purpose of civil disobedience, a necessary tool in all efforts to effect a change to injustices within our laws and our society as a whole.

The United States of America was built on direct acts of civil disobedience, civil rights, women’s rights and more have changed when, “We the people have stood united and demanded a change to and from of injustice whether it be social or governmental.

In this case, our own children are being abused by our own government in both family and juvenile courts and very little has been done to protect and affect a change in the TRUE best interest of our children in over 50 years. Entire generations of children and their families have been destroyed. A process which we recognize as evolution, when our parents teach us from their mistakes how we may become better citizens has been lost. Our society is in a turmoil, young boys seeking father figures and families are joining gangs and young girls seeking fathers and families are becoming pregnant at alarming rates.

With all of this said, known and recognized through first world countries around the world, still little is being done to work towards a resolve.

We are suggesting and highly recommending that SAFE, NON-VIOLENT acts of civil disobedience be instituted worldwide, we are starting our form here and now in the United States and abroad and we are outlining a safe methodology for doing so now as follows:
1. As you can see from our video, We have purchased 4pcs of vinyl billboard banner materials ranging in size from 50′ long to 30′ tall to a small as 35′ long x to 20′ in length.

2. We are planning and hope you will join us nationally and Internationally in our campaign for family law reform
3. All protests are to be peaceful in nature, we mean no harm to any being, our only concern is to bring about awareness to the necessary changes which truly are in the best interest of our children.
4. If you can not join us in solidarity, we will teach you how and where to purchase banners such as ours.
5. We will teach you where and when to install said banners.
6. We will teach you how to make the banners safely and securely.
7. We will teach you how to be safe and secure in your efforts.
8. We will teach you how to communicate with your media via media advisories and Press releases.
9. We will teach you how to communicate with and garner additional followers.
10. We will teach you the importance of communicating with the media.
11, We will teach you how to be safe, safe, safe!
12. We will teach you about safety belts, hard hats and the use of bullhorns.
13. We will teach you how to grow your support and member base.
14. We will teach you how to stay safe, secure and warm in an adverse environment.
15. We will teach you about staying safe hydrated and strong.
16. We will teach you how to grow your ground and media support.
17. We will teach you how to use humor to make strong intelligent points.
18. We will teach you how to use live streaming like Bambuser and stream to websites around the world.
19. We will teach you how to keep your communications secure and charged with solar power.
20. Yes, we will even teach you how to use the restroom in an environment where many may be watching.
21. We will teach you how to be strong in your convictions.
22. We will teach you how to communicate with police agencies.
23. We will teach you how to communicate with the judiciary in an effort to garner even greater exposure for your cause.

We are Human Rights Activists with a focus on the TRUE best interest of our children, their right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents. PLEASE JOIN US IN OUR UPCOMING CAMPAIN FOR OUR CHILDREN! You may reach us at:

We will teach you that…

“Change through Awareness, Awareness through Activism”

In closing I must stay, “THANK YOU” to those good, fit, willing fathers who put faith in our efforts and donated for this cause., THANK YOU!