Hopefully, that is not something you have ever heard before and I feel certain that if you have, you will never forget it. Unfortunately, I have heard it and it has given me nightmares almost every night and I do live in an almost constant state of fear for my life.

I will of course never forget it, it was December 30, 2016 2:15 pm when I pulled onto my property in Elk Grove, California. There have been over 14 burglaries of this property. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of copper, every car battery, the tires of my trucks have all been slashed, the windows all broken and anything and everything stolen, all the catalytic converters you name and it has been stolen. Of course, I have reported it to the Elk Grove Police Department as have the neighbors when they have seen the actions actually taking place. But there has been no resolve, yes, even the reporting neighbor has been burglarized and I have been told it is a common practice in our area. I unlike anyone else have an 8′ tall cyclone fence with another 2′ of barb wire around the top of my fence. My property should be more secure than others but as a result of my neighbor’s careless, willful and deliberate actions, we must all suffer.

Who is this careless, reckless neighbor, you ask? My neighbor is a fortune 500 telecommunications giant. This billion dollar, fortune 500 company which resides next door on a piece of land which is not fenced, also radiates radio frequency radiation, it does have a fairly new yet very faded sign warning that states the generic, “unsafe radio frequency radiation”. but they do not have a fence to secure the property and persons from said radio frequency radiation.

I even recall a point in time a year or so ago where 3 pregnant young women showed up with 1 gentleman, they parked in my driveway so I, of course, asked, “what are you guys doing?” and the gentleman stated, “These women would like to sit at that building (The base of the unfenced radio frequency radiating tower) and take pictures of each pregnant woman sitting in the chair for their yet to be born children.” The objective was a photo opportunity to look as if they were women from a different era sitting in a rocking chair near what was an old house. I explained to the gentleman that I did not recommend anyone near the radio frequency radiation, specifically someone who appeared to be around 8-9 months pregnant. They proceeded ahead anyway and I have not seen or heard from any of these women again, I obviously hope that their children are all fine.

As I stated earlier, my property has been burglarized 14 times! I am told by my neighbors who have seen the burglars and even called the Elk Grove Police Department to no avail that said burglars drive onto the property of this unfenced, radio frequency radiating property, they pop the hood on their car to make it look as if they have car trouble, then they take bolt cutters and cut large holes in my fence where they have spent days stealing and damaging my property, not just once but on as many as 14 occasions! I have called, e-mailed. sent certified letters to both the fortune 500 company and the Elk Grove Police Department voicing my concerns all to no avail.

This last action has now escalated to a point where a man was standing at the base of this fortune 500 companies radio frequency radiating pole and stated, “I am going to kill you and dump your body in the field”. I have no idea who this person was but must believe he is somehow associated with this fortune 500 company, if not, why would he be standing on their property?

Things have not gone well between this fortune 500 company and myself, there has been much damage to my property and a breach of an agreement which we had. Countless efforts have been made to communicate with this company to no avail. All of my questions and comments to them have gone unanswered, now I wonder, who was this man at the base of their tower? Why did he threaten to take my life? I do not know, only the person who made the threat and those who communicate with him know.

So, if I should end up murdered some day and my body found in the field behind my property… You will at least know what happened. Now I know the question everyone is asking, who is that fortune 500 telecommunications company? I will be forwarding the entire story to any and all parties including any and all federal agencies on or before May 12, 2017.