Judge Francis A Kearney is at it again

Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

Judge Francis A Kearney of Placer County California is at it again! Or, one must ask, does she ever stop? I have court watched in judge kearney’s circus on several occasions. It is quite a show, blatantly obvious laws are broken and/or ignored. kearney, sorry, it is frequently difficult for me to type the word judge before many of these parties names as judge, they do not deserve and should not hold of judge, definitely not, “Your Honor” the title should be one of respect, kearney does not deserve the respect of the title. in fact, kearney should have been removed from the bench long ago. HOWEVER, being a judge in family law is not about the law, it is all about being an earner not only for the judiciary but for the county and the state and a good earner, no matter the cost on the law and it’s citizenry is kearney’s job and being a good earner, no matter the law is what she does.

I was actually called on to the stand in one of the shows and it was, as usual, quite humorous. The so-called attorney was making all sorts of rude, crude and socially unacceptable comments at myself. I recall one comment which was totally uncalled for, had nothing to do with the case, or my reason for being on the bench. I looked over at kearney to see if she was going to object to such a hilarious question and she was apparently busy organizing some papers, after all, all we were doing was wasting time, she had already made up her mind, the father was guilty, no matter the evidence. The evidence by the way, clearly showed as well as the 9 witnesses and the date and time stamped receipt that the father was nowhere in the vicinity of the false allegations made by the mother. However, those were the facts, the truth and kearney would have none of that in her office!

Well, hearing so many complaints long ago, I opened a page on a social media site called, “Topix” with her name on it. If you have a comment, go for it, if there were none, the page would sit blank. Of course and unfortunately, too many parents are afraid of kearney so they would rather not speak up. This, of course, is contrary to the comments by founding father, Thomas Jefferson who made it clear, if we were to have justice within the judiciary, the people must stand united and demand just that, JUSTICE.

I stand for it, I speak the truth and am proud to be a good, honest, United States, Citizen. Unfortunately, we live in a society, run by a government with which we should be ashamed. Our judiciary, especially the so-called Family court is so corrupt it disgusts me. The stories I hear and read on a daily basis are nothing less than disgusting and how it is that the people have not united and demanded a change is beyond me… Either way, I will continue… I have protested in 20 United States and I have court watched 12 United States and I am very proud to have done so. My only regret, I have not done so more frequently in more states.

If I am not murdered in the near future by my own city leaders and I am allowed to sell my property and move on, I vow to spend the rest of my life, protecting our children and working to make our country a better safer, more legal place for all to live and enjoy as good, fit, willing parents caring for, raising and loving their children. If of course they are allowed to do so by their judiciary.

Here is a link to the aforementioned so-called, judge kearney’s Topix page and the recent articles on said page:  http://www.topix.com/forum/city/roseville-ca/TL03EG054UBORTM1F

Donald Tenn
Children’s Human Rights Activist