Judge Robert Doyle says NO to equal parenting, Donald Tenn of Fathers4Justice tells Doyle, you have it all wrong

The Tampa Bay Times, Winner of 12 Pulitzer prizes recently ran an article about parenting rights in Florida. The article written by family court Judge Doyle who generates $200,000.00 a year to separate children from their parents actually wrote the article. Judge Doyle states that the then proposed changes to family law in Florida were in the best interest of the parents, not the children. Judge Doyle, try and forget about that $200,000.00 a year paycheck for a minute and try and focus on the best interest of our children. Do you really believe it is in the best interest of our children to keep them away from the only people on the planet who really and truly care about the children, their parents!

So often I sit in court rooms and listen to these holier than through family court judges hand out rulings that truly shock me and Judge Doyle sounds like one of those judges. How is it that you can hand out a ruling separating children from one of their parents and justify such an action? Were you there during the wedding of this couple? Were you there when they were making love and planning a family? Were you there during the birthing process? Were you there up all night when the child was sick, worried when the child was taken to the hospital with an ear infection? No, you did not play a role in any of the efforts that went into starting, building and working on a family but you are there for the destruction. You are in fact the person responsible not only for tearing apart the family unit but you are also guilty of the child abuse via parental alienation and what is recognized as a crime rate of at least 25% as a result of matters within family court.

So Judge Doyle, what is the resolve? I believe that in the matter of divorce or separation where children are involved, the best interest of our children for parents who are fit, willing and loving should always be equally shared parenting. Divorce is probably the most devastating action most parents will ever go through in their lives, with that said, imagine the impact it has on our children? If there is ever a point in time where our children need the love, guidance and security of their parents, it is during the divorce process. And what is it that you and other family court judges, attorneys, mediators and the like are doing? Just the opposite, you are separating children from their parents.

In that this article was written by Judge Doyle simply to chastise Senator Tom Lee I am going to explain to both the Judge and the Senator as simply as possible the differences in the subject matter, that being equally shared parenting versus shared parenting. Equally shared parenting is preferred by the greater majority of divorcing parents and has been proven in literally hundreds of studies by the greatest minds on our planet as being in the true best Interest Of Our Children… With that said Judge Doyle, Let’s take a look at just some of the Statistics as provided by the United States Government and then please, Judge Doyle, Judge Thomas Cecil and any other Holier Than Though judge, please take a minute and explain to me how your decisions and how your efforts are in the: “The Best Interest of our children.”

1.) In the United States of America in the year 2016, 43% of US Children live without their fathers. This data was provided to me by the United States Department of Census. 43% of children live without their fathers, judge Doyle it is my contention that if just one of those fathers wants to live with his children, then you should use your job as a judge to exercise every possible effort to make certain that that child has his father living with him. We know our children need their fathers, why aren’t we working to make certain that these children are with their fathers?

2.) In the United States of America in the years 2016, a full 71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father. This data was provided to me by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Judge Doyle do you know why all of the teenagers are pregnant? I do! They are looking for what was taken away from them, a family unit. Many of these pregnant teenagers are pregnant by men much older than themselves, do you know why? I do! These teenage girls are seeking a father figure, That Father Figure that you deemed it necessary to separate that father from his daughter.

3.) In the United States of America in the year 2016 a full 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes, this data was provided to me by Department of heath and Human Services, department of census. Do you know why all of these children are committing suicide, I do, remember when you were a teenage boy? Remember all of the challenges? All of the questions you had about life, the opposite sex, sports. bullies and learning how to fit in? It can be overwhelming with your parents in the household but obviously without your parents these issues are compounded to a point where they obviously become suicidal. It does not have to be this way Judge Doyle and Judge Cecil, If a parent wants to be in their child’s lives and they are fit and willing, you should put forth every effort possible to make certain that the parents are in fact, in the lives of their children, at least 50% of the time.

4.) In the United States of America in the yer 2016, a full 84.4% of all Non-custodial parents are the fathers. Non-custodial, the new “N” word, they new way to discriminate against another human being. With those statistics in mind, again 84.4% of al NON CUSTODIAL PARENTS ARE THE FATHERS can you honestly tell me that 84.4% of all of these fathers are unfit to parent their own children? I find that hard to believe in fact I know it is not true. The decisions you are making against fathers are illegal, you are showing a gender-bias against fathers and for mothers. Now I believe there are many reasons why you are making such gender biased decisions but the primary reason boils down to dollars, part of that $200,000.00 a year you are making every year. I believe you judge Doyle and You Judge Cecil are willfully and deliberately making these decisions to generate income. I believe that you are deliberately separating children from their fathers so that you can generate more funding from the Federal Governments Social Security Acts Title-IV-D program. The way the program operates is, the more children separated from their fathers, the more money the state receives from the Federal government, this is specifically through the Social Security Acts title iv-d program. So, there you have it, that is one of the reasons why children are deliberately separated from the good, fit, loving, willing fathers. The other reason of course is through the federal Governments Violence Agaisnt Women Act or Joe Biden’s VAWA program and unnecessary, unconstitutional act which the states abuse in order to generate income and of course, separate those good daddy’s from their children.

I will be writing much more detail about VAWA and the Social Security Acts Title Iv-D in the coming months. I just wrote this article because the say the less than honorable judge Doyle willfully and deliberately lying to the American people and I deemed it necessary for all to know the real truth.