Marin, California CPS is in the news again…

As usual their efforts are to separate good, fit, willing parents from their children all the while posing as if they are genuinely concerned with the welfare of our children. In this case they have even been awarded themselves their own self-proclaimed, self designed, self named… “Superior Performance Award” ” ”

It is my contention that if this agency was genuinely concerned with the welfare of our children and the TRUE meaning of supporting our children, they would focus their efforts on making certain that our children shared equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents. As you can see the focus of this agency and their meaning of supporting our children revolves solely on generating income,not our children’s true best interests.

I have 3 children, out of all that I have ever offered them, toys, candy, Disneyland or money the thing they wanted most was my love, my attention, my guidance and the security which I provided. Yes you know, our children want our attention more than anything else. “Daddy/Mommy look at me” How many times have you heard this in your life? “Daddy/Mommy watch this”, Daddy/Mommy let’s play” it is in fact never ending. This is the true meaning of child support, our providing our children what they really want and need in their lives, both of their fit and willing parents providing our unconditional love, care, guidance and more…

Back to Marin, They should be ashamed of themselves Remember the propaganda video they put out several years ago? Funded by attorneys, posing as children’s rights advocates AND devoutly campaigning to remove children from their dads! Is this really in the best interest of our children? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Fortunately, with time, those who had worked for so many years at abusing our children by separating them from their fathers are now being silenced. Fortunately the majority now agrees and is speaking up! OUR CHILDREN NEED BOTH PARENTS! Fortunately we are now finally seeing a change!

Thanks for all you have been doing for too many years now to bring about this awareness which is now bringing about change. We knew in the beginning this would take time and a societal change, we are now finally realizing these changes.