Missouri HB-1550 passed by both Legislature and Senate

Missouri State CapitolJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. The Missouri Legislature passed a bill aimed at giving divorced parents more equal custody over their children.

The House voted an overwhelming 154-2 on Tuesday to prohibit courts from presuming a parent is more qualified to be a guardian based on his or her sex. The Senate passed the legislation on a 28-0, yes that is correct, 28-0 vote two weeks ago, so now HB 1550 heads to the Governor Jay Nixon for his signature and I believe he is going to sign it but we should probably give him a little positive incentive in a communication as outlined below.

HB 1550 states that If a divorcing couple disagrees on how to share custody, the court would have to settle on written findings of fact before resolving the dispute. The bill also calls for the state courts administrator to post parenting plan guidelines online and more!

The Bill now sits on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s desk awaiting his signature. Even though I personally do not fully agree with this proposed law what I do like is the fact that it does open a much needed arena. Questions that we all have asked when we leave the court room wondering, how and why did the court rule in this manner will now be answered. In doing so, if one desires to appeal their decision and I always highly recommend that any ruling less than our children’s true best interest which is 50-50 equally shared parenting for both fit and willing parents, can and now should be more easily appealed.

And of course I very much appreciate the fact that more and more states are now listening to the demands of us parents and acknowledging that yes, it is in the best interest of our children that they spend as much time as possible with both the father and mother equally.

Would you like to see these same changes and more in your state? If so, I highly recommend that you always have a rapport with your legislative branch. We have compiled a template which we believe addresses all of our issues and concerns with regard to the best interest of our children. This is just a template, it is important to understand that points within this template may already be law in your state so you should understand where your state stands now on this matter and where you hope to be in the not to distant future. If you are interested in receiving a copy of what we consider to be an ideal parenting plan for both children and their parents, please do not hesitate to drop a line to: info@f4j.us and within the subject simply write, “Template” and we will send you off a copy.

Also if I may add one very import point here, even if you do not reside in Missouri it is important for Governor Jay Nixon to understand that parents not only in all 49 other states but all around the world are watching and we are demanding the same and even more consideration for equal parenting rights in our state, So, take a minute out of your day today. Instead of sending that meme, write Governor Nixon a letter and express your concerns for what is the, “True Best Interest Of Our Children”, their right to share equally in the lives of both of their fit and willing parents.

I prefer to write letters as I believe they are taken more seriously. Either way, write a letter or send an e-mail, you can reach Governor Jay Nixon here:
You can also track the progress of this bill here: http://www.house.missouri.gov/billtracking/bills081/bills/HB1550.htm

We will have more updates for you as they become available and remember, this is for our children, there is no greater cause than to stand up and demand a change towards the best interest of our children. We are their parents and the adults, they are depending on us to do all we can to protect them and make this planet and our society a better place for them, so please contact Governor Jay Nixon right now!