Mom Alienates Dad loses Custody

This is an older article out of Canada but it is a very important article and one that I felt must be shared. The penalty for alienating your child from one of the parents has come a long way since 2009. This mum learned a very serious lesson all the way back in 2009, look at the precedence this judge set! Nowadays judges are much more apt to remove a child from the alienating parent.

Mom loses custody for alienating dad


In a stunning and unusual family law decision, a Toronto judge has stripped a mother of custody of her three children after the woman spent more than a decade trying to alienate them from their father.

The mother’s “consistent and overwhelming” campaign to brainwash the children into thinking their father was a bad person was nothing short of emotional abuse, Justice Faye McWatt of the Superior Court of Justice wrote in her decision.

The three girls, ages 9 to 14, were brought to a downtown courthouse last Friday and turned over to their father, a vascular surgeon identified only as A.L.