My Farewell Note

My farewell note

Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

My Farewell Note is a website which was forwarded to me by a friend of Fathers4Justice in our UK branch. I am fortunate to have friends that I communicate with daily from all around the world. I was in fact just talking with new contacts from 2 new countries in the last few days, Ghana and Seychelles. I must admit, every once in a while I hear from a country which I did not even know exists, Seychelles is one of those countries.

I am merely posting this on an informational basis, I saw the video as it was forwarded to our organization’s attention and knowing what I know, I felt this was of paramount importance to share with all. My own personal issues between what the City of Elk Grove and the City of Sacramento who have colluded in an effort to end my life continues and I will write about it, openly every day. Only criminals hide, right Deanna Ivy? John Legere and the list goes which all of the indisputable facts will be posted in detail later…

Regardless, the issues we face as human beings are much the same in most so-called civilized countries. In the United Kingdom, 13 men commit suicide every single day. If 13 baby seals died every day, the world would be in outrage and demand answers, but if 13 men commit suicide in the United Kingdom every day, it is nothing more than a statistic which we keep track of.

We, HUMANKIND should be outraged over these statistics and ashamed that we are not working day and not towards a resolve…

In any event, I am going to write more on this subject as it is of paramount importance to me. I have lost several dear friends in the UK and I am heartbroken and if no one else gives damn on this planet I am going to stand up and yell at the top of my lungs, “THIS MUST END TODAY”

In any event, for those who are leaving for hopefully what are other reasons, I wanted to share this website with you.