Natasha Hayes child abductor and abuser deserves prison

Natasha Hayes deserves prison for Child kidnapping, parental alienation and child abuse

Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

The Hull Daily News, as well as the ukfamilylawreform, supports Natasha Hayes and her parental kidnapping as well as the seven years of abuse which she subjected upon her children, not including the abuse and heartache of which she subjected the children’s father.

Here is the article and her plea for funding to continue her abusive ways…
‘Don’t let them lock me up’: Mum faces jail in Belgium for abducting her own son 28th September 2017…/dont-lock-up-heartbroken-m…

I have a very strong opinion on the abduction and abuse of our children, our children who depend upon us the adults to protect them. The bottom line is in fact quite simple, Parental Abduction is recognized as a CRIME! In the United States, it is recognized as a law under the International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act, or, IPKCA. This law was enacted to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN from people just like Natasha.

The Hague Convention has also been enacted and accepted by many countries also to protect our children from being illegally abducted by persons such as Natasha Haynes.

Natasha Haynes abducted her child seven (7) years ago, which means, the father has been alienated from his own child for seven (7) years. This action alone is recognized all around the world as Parental Alienation.

MY OWN CHILD, Madison Nicole Tenn was abducted by her mother Shannon Dawn Phillips Klaska with the help of many of her criminal family members who knew they were breaking the law and abusing our daughter. I hear of such actions by mothers almost weekly all around the world, why should one believe that it is OK for a mother to kidnap and abuse the children through at least Parental Alienation but it would be a crime, entitled kidnapping if a father behaved in such a manner and he would be incarcerated for many years for said actions.

It is my contention that anyone who supports the abduction of our children and the alienation of said child from half of their entire family for even a day is a criminal but to do so for seven (7) years? They are in fact nothing less than a child abuser who deserves nothing less than 7 years in jail for their actions and that is exactly where I stand, good luck in prison!

I just watched the video of poor innocent Natasha Hayes asking for money to continue abusing her children via the abduction and Parental Alienation of her children. Now she wants money from you so that you may assist her in her criminal acts? I wonder if those who give her money can be arrested for being an accessory after the fact? Yes, I would actually like to see that, it would be called justice!

Next month when Natasha Hayes murders her children she will be crying about how she was driven to do so out of the love of her children. Anyone who buys into this BS is a fool!

Women demand equality and I fully well support the equal rights of all beings but sometimes it seems as if some want more than equal rights, some act as if they are actually entitled to rights greater than mine and greater than equal. What some really want and demand are rights that are more than equal and that becomes dangerous and leads to illegal acts when one believes they are entitled to acts which are equal and fair in the minds of all other beings.
Now for the real hard hitting questions for all, What about the dad’s video? Where is dad’s video? What is the dad’s opinion? He must have one otherwise the mother would not have been arrested for her actions. What about dad’s opinion on this subject? Dad, if you are out there and you read this obviously we will be more than happy to share your video, your opinions and of course what are apparently of paramount importance to you, your children’s true best interest and their right to share equally in th lives of both of their fit and willing parents. Or, did dad, as is sadly all too frequently the case… Did dad blow his brains out because he could not handle the heartbreak of having his children taken away?

There are usually 3 sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth. But in this case I will bet there are only two (2) sides, her side and the truth and they are entirely different.

Donald Tenn
Human Rights Activist and Alienated Daddy to Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole Tenn.