No Excuse For Child Abuse Petition

Wyatt abused by Rachel edwards Paro

Donald Tenn

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn


Normally this is an issue that I would only post on my, site where the focus is always on our children and their rights, but I am so saddened by this story that I want to share with as many as possible the petition so that together, we can work towards some semblance of justice for Wyatt.

I am signing this petition for what should be obvious reasons to anyone who has children or has ever even had the pleasure of holding a sweet, innocent child in their arms.

Poor, sweet little Wyatt will live a lifetime of pain and suffering at the hands of Rachel Edwards and I believe she should serve the same sentence, a lifetime of pain and suffering. In fact, even her incarceration is a small price to pay for the lifelong pain, suffering, and challenges which await Wyatt in what will also obviously be a shortened lifespan all because of the actions of Rachel Edwards.

Rachel Edwards, there is no excuse for your actions, I am certain you cried many a fake tear during your trial but nothing you can say or do can ever change the damage you have caused to this sweet innocent baby.

The only fortunate point that I see for you is that I was not the judge and jury in this matter, if I were, you would be serving life without parole.

If there is a God in heaven, may he bless and protect sweet, innocent Wyatt for the rest of his life.

Donald Tenn
Activist for our Children’s Human Rights.