Parental Alienation Awareness MY THOUGHTS Part 1 of 4 YouTube Response

Madison Nicole Tenn and her Daddy, Donald Tenn

Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

I think about and miss all of my children, all day, every day.

But, in my campaign to bring about awareness to affect a change to family law,  I have been fortunate enough to have met and communicated with many people from all around the world. The far greater majority of them are very good, kind, caring beings, who, like myself have only cared about bringing about awareness to affect a change to family law.

The far greater majority, unfortunately only care about themselves and their case, I understand how they feel but I also know that if we would have worked together, united, we could have affected a change for all and that has always been my primary concern, reform Family law for all.

In my efforts, as stated, I have met countless persons who concur, our children need both parents and those who have reviewed the facts of my file, understand that I am a good, fit, willing, loving, daddy who had nothing but positive life lessons to pass on to them. Unfortunately, as a direct result of a corrupt system, only concerned with generating income and 2 ex-wives who have strived to alienate me from my children, only to cause me harm, I have been kept out of the life of my children and they believe, as is normal, that the bad person you have made me out to be, also resides within their psyche’

I any event, not all persons are alienators, some people know what is going on, they know it is wrong and wish that most importantly, my children could have a relationship with their father. Below is an e-mail I receive just today which I responded to just today but… this has been my life. 

Someonez Mom

Dear Mr. Tenn I hope you find your daughter and can rebuild a wonderful relationship with her. Please know strangers are thinking of you and yours with hope.


Thank You for your kind words and thoughts (Someonez Mom), they are very much appreciated. It has been 11 years, if anyone believes this gets easier or better with time, you are incorrect. I came from a loving family, my father sang loves songs to my mom in the living room. I was a teenager with friends over, their parents were all getting divorced so they hung out at my house as they said it was the only place that was NORMAL. Of course, at the time I thought my house was anything but normal, but when I grew up, I found I was that same loving father that my father was. I loved and cared for my children and wife just like my father had, I sang songs to my wife, I loved her but, in today’s society that does not matter. If the mother wants to go AND take your children she is not only encouraged but her actions are funded.

It has been almost 12 years now, my daughter was 34 months old when she was last at home. That was the last night that she cried for her daddy because she woke up and I would always put my arm in the crib so she could cuddle with it until she went back to sleep. I took my wife and daughter to the airport in the morning, we decided that I should not take our daughter out fo the car seat because if she woke up in my arms, she would not go to her mother. I was always the only one who was allowed and could fix the boo boo’s… My daughter was recognized by all as, “Daddy’s little girl” the neighbors could not believe that Madison was abducted by her mother, Shannon Dawn Phillips, alias, Klaska.

The school teacher wrote a long letter stating, “I have been a teacher for over 20 years, I have never known a more caring father”. I did do more than the other fathers as I was a stay at home daddy and I just felt that was my job, if I can help the school, the other children and parents, I should and did. I love my daughter Madison Nicole Tenn (AKA: Klaska is one of the abducted names). My daughter was 34 months old when she was abducted. She won Parental rights with her daddy in her last trial but Shannon ran off with her again as her attorney, Priscilla Ebdon told Shannon to say she needed to go to a “Safe House”. Our HOME was never one of abuse, it was one of love… My wife always held my hand, she told me she loved me every single day, sometimes several times a day. The police were never called to our house because there was no abuse, I loved and cared for my family. I hear things like control are forms of abuse, my wife had her own car which I bought for her, she had her own phone which I bought for her, she had her own money and came and left as she pleased.

Shannon was going to school in Sacramento to finish her education, no control! I stayed home and cared for our daughter while Shannon was at school. I will never ever forget one of my last phone calls with our daughter Madison Nicole Tenn. Madison had been abducted and was apparently left at her grandmother’s home, Kathy Waseen while Shannon experienced her new life style. Madison somehow called me and I will never ever forget, she was sobbing uncontrollably and she said, “Daddy, I am scared”. I knew that meant she wanted me there to protect her but I could not. I believed that a family court would do the right thing but it has been 11 years, I have never gone away, obviously, they made a terrible mistake. Judge Thomas Cecil, Attorney Tony Nevarrez, DV attorneys at WEAVE, prosecuting attorney Marvin Hanson, Kathy Waseen, DV attorney DOVE – Mary Hughes, attorney Priscilla Ebdon, Rebecca Harrison and more were all complicit, willful and deliberate participants in the abduction and subsequent abuse of Madison Nicole Tenn (AKA: Abducted name: Madison Klaska)

Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole Tenn, no matter what anyone says, your daddy loves you!