Parental Alienation Awareness MY THOUGHTS Part 2 of a 4 part series

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

I received the following comment from this previously posted article, and found it to be of such paramount importance with regard to the adverse effects of Parental Alienation that I had to share both this fathers comment and my response. Sadly, I know many of you who read of this father’s battle to be nothing more than a good, fit, willing, loving, father, to be… all too familiar. I still, of course, believe in our necessity to work together for all children. The following comment is from Fractured Father and there is no doubt in my mind it is nothing more than a snippet of all he has been through…


Mr. Tenn, I enjoyed your post while at the same time brought me back in time. although your situation is much harsher than mine, none are pleasant and I can’t stress enough how sorry I am that you are having to deal with such evil and hatred. I’m a dad that was forced to fight for over 15 years to be a dad. I eventually ran out of money while fighting and I represented myself and my son for years and years until we were finally fortunate enough to have my son live with us. I had to learn Texas family law, fun fun fun :(. Talk about a good ole boy system, wow. 18 months later my son was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Maybe if I was “allowed” to be in his life like I should have been from the beginning it may have been different. I’m working on publicizing what happened like you are here but through a different path because of different circumstances. Judges still have control they don’t deserve and most abuse it. Most still don’t give a damn and only the squeaky wheel gets the grease, unfortunately. Please post your story on my FB page and I will get it shared, every little bit helps.

I wish you a better day because none seem to be good but never ever quit. I feel for you as many felt for me. #fracturedfather


Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

Hi Fractured Father,

Thank You so much for sharing your comment, I just read that article again and I must admit it sounded a little one-sided and of course, that was not my intention at all. My concern is today, as it has always been all of my life, with all of our children. We have groups in 50 states and recognized chapters in 13 countries so oft times, obviously my time is limited. The last 2 evenings, in fact, I have spent at the UC Davis children’s Intensive Care Unit, not for my children but for those of others. I have in fact oft times been told that if I spent more time on my case, it would have been resolved long ago. My daughter, Madison Nicole Tenn did, in fact, win her case and her right to share in her father’s life but her mother is a runner. She would run to another state, judge shop, be told by the judge she was a liar and run again. Even with all of this said, my concern is always with all of our children and even though I do not know you or your case, I do feel very strongly that yes, if your son would have had the right to share equally in your life, his life would be entirely different today.

Fathers bring a vital part of the evolutionary process to their children. You learned it from your father, I learned it from my father, we grew to become healthy, intelligent, productive citizens within society as a result of this. Unfortunately, your son was denied this evolutionary process and therefore today, not only he, but your entire family and our society as a whole must pay the price for a fatherless society. If there is any way in which I may assist you in your efforts to bring about further awareness, you have my word, as a father, that I will help! My time is very limited, I have had to temporarily close many of the Fathers4Justice and Families4Justice social networks as we receive literally hundreds of communications every day. We are proud that we have been able to help countless parents and saddened that we were not able to assist your son.

We have started countless groups and work with many, many others who have the same objective, the same insight as to what is truly right and wrong with regard to the importance of both parents in the lives of our children. When we started the group, “No Jail For Being A Dad”, it was after I had protested in 20 states, court watched in 12 states and as an activist for our children’s human rights, I have exercised my First Amendment rights and been arrested for doing so in 8 states.

While incarcerated, I found my life to be much like that within my office, listening to countless stories of false allegations, perjury running rampant, a gender bias against fathers which results in 84.4% of all fathers being recognized as the NEW “N” WORD, “Non-Custodial Parent” and the NEW “F” word, “Fatherless.” In any event, my point here is that listening to these countless stories not only at my desk but while incarcerated, I started working with organizations like the California Innocence Project.

You may wish to seek out similar organizations in Texas as well of course as the ACLU.

And of course, YES! as stated, we have groups in all 50 states and I have worked with Fathers4Justice for 12 years now, 10 of those years on the National Board of Directors and 9 as the president. In doing so, obviously, I keep track of what is happening where in the United States as well as our chapters in 13 countries. With that knowledge, I am very well aware of all the damage which the previous prosecuting attorney and now Governor of Texas created, Greg Abbott does not care how many good, fit, willing fathers lives he destroys, his concern is with his political career. The state of Texas is recognized as being the worst state in the nation when it comes to their so-called child support laws. I say, so-called because the true meaning of child support is being there for our children, sharing equally in their lives.

I appreciate the importance of your comment so much that I am going to make this part two(2) of our four(4) part series on Parental Alienation. “Thank You again” for your post. As stated, I am saddened to learn that your son grew up without his father sharing equally in his life and of course, even more so that he is now serving a 20 year prison sentence but as stated in Part One(1) of this four(4) part series, we must work together, UNITED in our effort to affect a change. Do not think for one minute that the judges, attorneys, and our legislators are not working together, they are working together to generate income. No matter the cost on our families and society as a whole. I am here, I am ready to work together, united with any and all for complete family law reform and of course, ACCOUNTABILITY for those within the judiciary, State BAR, and Legislature who have strived for the past 50 years to destroy our children for their own financial gain.

“Change through Awareness, Awareness through Activism”