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Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

Introduce automatic penalties when a contact order is broken repeatedly.

There are many cases documented where one parent repeatedly breaks the Contact Order without penalty and the injured party (normally the father) has to keep going back to Court, at their expense, to try and see their child. This often results in fathers losing contact with their child.



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Introducing more stringent automatic penalties when a parent repeatedly breaks a contact order without good reason will help keep parents in their children’s lives. We would also like a named body that can investigate when a contact order is breached. In many European countries, the police intervene immediately to ensure the rights of the child to see their non-resident parent are protected. The existing system is too slow and unwieldy and the penalties are unenforceable.


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  • Created by: David Andrew Herbert
  • Deadline17 April 2018
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