Perjury a crime?


If perjury becomes a crime that is enforced… I know a couple of women who will be spending a lot of time in jail…

10 years ago a group in West Virginia, (Yes, I know you think your state has the worst JUDGES, I am not from West Virginia, I do read hundreds of e-mails and more, West Virginia has the most corrupt judges in the nation)

In any event, an organization originally known as MAD, Men Against Discrimination, later changed to: MAWD, Men and Women Against Discrimination. Set out to prove the family courts were full of perjury. The organization MAWD ran radio and billboard adds offering $10,000.00 reward for the arrest and conviction of a family court perjurer.

TEN YEARS LATER changes are afoot, hopefully they investigate both genders for perjury and I hope perjury is what they investigate as perjury is a crime, everybody lies, perjurers break laws!