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The Red Pill documentary review
Donald Tenn The Red Pill

Donald Tenn

There is no doubt in my mind that men and fathers are, at most opportunities within the media, the courts and society as a whole, disadvantaged and discriminated against. As a male and a father, those within the movie have my full unwavering support. Unfortunately, the director, Cassie Jaye, failed miserably to bring about any of the true issues, except of course those of her own. Other than hearing of Cassie’s life, I could not find the substance I was seeking, that being men’s rights, without the animosity towards women, am I incorrect in believing that we are all seeking equality? I would have also appreciated the opinions of other persons on a grander scale. This was after all supposed to be a documentary right?

I only watched the movie as a result of legal issues which Cassie Jaye and I are now involved. As a matter of record, those of you who know me, know, I will go to any length to protect our children from harm and it is my contention, that is what our legal matter is about, I am in fact now seeing Cassie Jaye’s true colors.

One review which correlates with my own opinion of the movie was made by: Luke Buckmaster of the Daily Review; “A wretched, morally bankrupt documentary”  I could not agree more, save your money! For more reviews on “The Red Pill” here is a link:

However, as a true activist, not an advocate as those within this movie, I truly understand our issues and concerns but, I myself will never sleep with the enemy in an effort to bring about awareness. Case and Point, Fathers4Justice was offered a Reality TV show a couple of years ago. In that I have always worked in the broadcast industry, I demanded final editing rights… They were refused, so we refused the reality show.

With a little more communication, less testosterone and final editing rights the men in this documentary?(Sorry, I have a hard time calling this a documentary) could have changed forever how men and fathers are treated. Two points of paramount importance which I would like to make with regard to Cassie Jaye and this movie:

1. It is my contention that men and fathers are so desperate for attention to our issues that we are willing to sleep with the enemy in an effort to garner attention to our issues, I believe that is what happened here.
2. It is, and has become even more so with time, painfully obvious to me that Cassie Jaye is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is all about making money to her and some of you actually look like puppets dancing for the puppet master.

These are the facts, you all know me, even if I am too busy to communicate on a personal level or, you believe you are holier than thou, we do not communicate as frequently as we should and we definitely should have all communicated about this movie before it’s release.

However, apparently I am such a staunch supporter of men’s and father’s rights, Cassie Jaye has now taken it upon herself to attack me and shut down my personal YouTube account, I have, as a true activist, demanded a hearing of my peers where I will undoubtedly be arrested again, as a true activist fighting for our rights. It is a sad state of affairs but these are the steps which our forefathers were forced to take and now we too must take for our own rights.

In closing, I think we can all agree, The problem is not with the issue of men’s rights being violated and a general gender-bias against men and fathers as a whole within our society, these are valid issues and they must be addressed. However, Cassie Jaye failed as an actress and now she has failed as a director. This issue needs to be brought into mainstream media by persons with the knowledge and talent necessary to garner the attention, awareness and eventually the societal changes necessary.

Donald Tenn
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