Respecting the needless death of children each year in Ontario CAS care

Saturday, May 21 · 12:00pm – 6:00pm


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On May 21, 2011 we will be driving a motorcade from Newmarket to Queens Park in memory of the children that die in the care of CAS each year in Ontario.

The motorcade will consist of at least 50 vehicles. The leading vehicle will be towing an open trailer with caskets representing the children who needlessly died in the care of CAS. Silenced for eternity, but their souls are crying out for OUR help to stop the suffering of other children as one child dies every 3 days of every year in CAS care in Ontario! But there are many, many more as this is not limited to Ontario. It happens in all provinces and territories in Canada!

While this will be a peaceful sombre march the message is unbearably LOUD that will be heard around the world for all to see and know how our elected officials are doing NOTHING to stop this needless tragedy!

I would encourage others to follow this plan and simultaneously on May 21, 2011, engage in this motorcade rally, in your town or city, to bring much needed awareness to the needless death and suffering of our most vulnerable, our children at the hands of CAS who are paid $1.5 billion each year in Ontario to keep our children free from harm and abuse! I find this to be a disturbingly disgusting paradox!

If you have a car and a half a tank of gas is all you need to participate. If you do not have a car then join in with others to help pass out pamphlets and to spread the word!

Lets show the world how much we the great citizens of Canada care about our most vulnerable, our children, our future!