Shared Parenting Rights

Could Wyoming be the next state to recognize a change to their shared parenting legislation AND mthore importantly, does it really matter?

I ask as both Arizona and Missouri have recently recognized changes to their legislation but it doesn’t seem to matter. Why? As long as a judge has judicial discretion which is their ability to legislate from the bench no matter what our legislative body rules. Until we demand that our judiciary adhere to the legislation as written and voted on by OUR representatives, we will continue to experience few to no real changes when we walk into that courtroom.

What is the resolve? Direct acts of civil disobedience! Demanding the judiciary and legislature understand, we are tired of your abusing our children and destroying our families and society as whole. Remember that because one day we will all look back and say, “I wish we would have done that 20 years ago, then my children could have enjoyed time with me” .

For 50 years we have been talking and working towards a change. We have used every tool in the tool box time and again except for one. Civil Disobedience, if you have questions about how to proceed ahead in this manner, do not hesitate to contact us at:

“Change through Awareness, Awareness through Activism”

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