Should Facetime and Skype be used to replace Fathers

Should social media apps be considered to replace the personal contact, love, guidance and support that can only be given with any parents equal parenting time? Personally, I have not had contact with any of my children in over 10 years. Yes, they have been willfully and deliberately alienated from their father by their mothers. I have 3 Children, Christopher Joseph, Leesha Dawn and Madison Nicole. I have in fact used social media in an effort to communicate with my children to no avail. I of course have court orders which state otherwise but that matters not as the courts and still to this day there is an anti-father, anti-male gender bias within our society which fathers and men as a whole must live and come to terms with.

Unfortunately of course there are fathers with which I speak who suffer these very same woes, in fact there are too many fathers whose lives revolve around their willingness to just see their children but still for whatever reason or no reason at all, they are prevented by the courts and/or the mothers from any contact with their very own children. I have been fortunate enough to come to know some of these fathers, in doing so I have found them for the most part to be good, fit, willing and loving fathers. So why is it that the good dads are prevented from parenting their own children? Well, I guess we would have to ask the courts that question but studies show that mums believe that any man, or no man at all is good enough for the children.

Personally, I grew up in a family, a close family which sat down to dinner every night together. We watched the Disney shows together every Sunday night. Holidays, especially Thanksgiving were mandatory family gatherings. With that said, certainly I believe in the family unit, however, if that is not possible, certainly equal parenting time for fathers is possible and should always be the default decision in any divorce or separation. The only time we should even consider removing the child from equal parenting time is if one of the parents have been found guilty, in a criminal court of their peers, of abuse…

So, with all of that stated, I felt compelled to share this article with you about what is becoming known more and more as, Facetime Fathers:

Photo Courtesy of Slater & Gordon

Photo Courtesy of Slater & Gordon