Social Worker Falsely Accuses Dad

This is an older article but one that definitely warrants being revisited. In 2014, Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service or Cafcass worker Suzi Smith falsely accused father Jonathan Copeland of attacking his 6 year old child.

Apparently Suzi Smith in her position as a case worker for children in family law originally made false allegations about Mr. Copeland. When she later tried to recant her false allegations she was pressured by the Lancaster police department to leave the false allegations and if she were to make any changes they should be of a more egregious nature.

This is the society in which we live in today, false allegations and incarceration of innocent fathers are running rampant. There is a gender bias against fathers within the police, family law, social workers and the judiciary. We should not question why so many fathers are taking their own lives, it is a very sad state of affairs and a difficult time to be a father at this point in time in our history.

Changes are needed and asking for them is just not working, it is time to demand a change. This situation ended OK for this father but he must still live with the stigma placed upon him by Ms. Smith of Cafcass and the police department. How many other fathers could not handle the pressure of false allegations and imprisonment? How many have taken their own lives? How many are falsely accused and still incarcerated?

Here is the article in it’s entirety: