Somebody stole my bike! / Precursor to “Crime in Elk Grove, California”

I know, I know, No big deal right? It is just the way things are in our society nowadays and if you own a bike, a motorcycle, a computer, a cell phone, a car, a boat, an RV, a home, land, WHATEVER! Someone is probably going to steal it from you and that’s that! Right?

Or, is it that way? Does it have to be that way? Why is it that our society has regressed to a point where crime is running rampant and even if we catch the criminals, if the police do not let them go, the prosecuting attorney will not press charges? AND, if the prosecutor does press charges, the judge will then release the criminals back into society so that they may again commit yet another crime against those of us who are good, honest, hardworking members of society.

This article is not about my stolen bike, this article is just a precursor to another article. An article about crime overall in small town America… Elk Grove, California. I know of more acts of crime being committed in Elk Grove, California than I care to know about. I have traveled all around the world and spoken with many, people have a tendency, for whatever reason to speak ill of their hometown, I do not. I take pride in Sacramento and often speak of it’s many attributes but Elk Grove, California is another story.

The City of Elk Grove is becoming known as a “Safe Haven” for criminals. Criminals know, if they commit a crime in Elk Grove, California the likelihood of there being caught and prosecuted is pretty slim. If there is no penalty for crime, why stop? In my day to day communications with those who reside in Elk Grove, California, crime and the lack of accountability for criminals is their greatest concern. I am nobody, just an average citizen yet I have facts of attempted murder, YES! I said attempted murder where a man was shot and almost died, another case where a property owner has had his property burglarized 8 times! Yes! 8 times yet after 12 trips to the police station in 13 months he has never spoken with a police officer, not his council member, not the mayor, no one has the time. I know of another case where a person was beaten, battered to a point where they were bleeding and they will have scars on their face for life, the penalty? nothing! This is Elk Grove, California the last frontier where crime and criminals are allowed to run free. In each of these cases, police reports elude to the fact that they know who committed the crimes yet they refuse to even respond…

OK, I have an entire detailed article which I will be compiling on crime in Elk Grove in the very near future but this article is just about my bike…

For the last 8 months I have religiously hopped on my beautiful 14 speed Schwinn bicycle and rode anywhere from 10 to as many as 20 miles a day every day.

There were days when it was raining, it was windy, I just did not have the time and certainly days when I just did not feel like it. My tired old body said “no” but my strong willed mind pushed me to get up and go!

I have almost been hit by motor vehicles literally more times than I can count. There were times when I thought people were actually trying to run me over! Of course I always saw that the drivers were busy talking on their phones, texting or just not paying attention.

I have a friend who was out riding his bicycle one day, he was hit by a drunk driver and dragged for 45′ under this drunken drivers car before the driver finally realized he was dragging something under his car and got out to see what it was. Sadly it was of course my friend Bill, Bill had done no wrong, Bill was not drinking, Bill was in the bike lane, at least as much of a bike lane that our legislators will allow. Bill was not on the phone talking or texting, Bill was just out riding his bike but of course right or wrong does not matter, Bill is now paralyzed from the sternum down and he will of course be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

When I am out on my bike not only do I find it to be beneficial to my overall health but it also gives me the opportunity to meet and communicate with people who I would probably never meet if I were behind the wheel of my car.

Those of you who know me personally know I always insist on feeding all of those people standing on the corner with their signs asking for food. When I am on my bike I can do even more! I can take the time to ask even more people, “Are you hungry?” “I don’t have much money but I will buy you a hamburger and a soda if you like?”

So yesterday I am out riding my bike, what a beautiful day it was in Sacramento, the sun was shining and it was all of 75 degrees. I rode my bike to Jack in the Box for a rice bowl. I didn’t see anyone to feed so it was just me… or so I thought.

I was only in the store for a minute and my beautiful bike was stolen All that was left in it’s place was a cardboard sign that read:
Probably someone I had actually at one time fed!

Obviously I won’t be riding my bike again… and it will be a long time before I will be able to afford another bike. Certainly I will never again own a bike as nice as that one, I hope whoever has it has as much pleasure as I did and if they really were hungry, I hope they enjoyed a nice meal.

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Tara Lynn T “That biker may not be so lucky in traffic…you should send this to the newsroom…”
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Scott Jones “Man, that is so touching that you can actually care that much to say those things after that person stole your bike. Don, I am always impressed with your character. I wish I lived closer to you I have 9 bikes I would let you pick from. I am sorry.”
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Lawson Scottie Silva “They probably have the whole thing on video…”
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Archie Overton “bummer.”
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