The Evolution of Love Dr. Warren Farrell

The Evolution of Love

Donald Tenn Human Rights Activist

Human Rights Activist Donald Tenn

I have always been a big fan of Dr. Warren Farrell’s, I have in fact read two of his books and purchased one of his DVD sets. When I read his book, “The Myth of Male Power” I found it to be so enlightening that I read it a second time, this is highly unusual for me as I rarely have the time. I then immediately went out and purchased a copy for my son, Christopher Joseph Tenn.

I also, of course, purchased and read, “Fathers and Child reunion”. Another highly recommended book especially for those divorced dads, or those going through the process. Obviously, in my position as president of Fathers4Justice I have quite an extensive library of, “Must Read” books so, I believe I will now take the time to compile a page of all of those “Must Read” books along with my synopsis of what they offer to better enlighten those of you seeking out the facts and how to best understand your rights as a parent and more importantly the needs of your children.

As you are aware, my primary focus is always on the true best interest of our children and their human rights. With that said, my library consists primarily of books on our children, their rights, and of course, I also have a very extensive library on the law, activism, and our human rights. The following is a link and information from Dr. Warren Farrell and his latest video. I am also very pleased to say that we will be seeing and hearing much more from Dr. Farrell throughout 2018

The Evolution of Love

The Evolution of Love

Here is the link to Dr. Farrell’s video:
The Evolution of Love: from role mate to soul mate.


If you resonate with The Evolution of Love, you’ll be able to go much deeper with The Myth of Male Power (see Dr. Farrell’s best books on couples’ communication; fathering; or why men are the way they are can also be found on his website.

Dr. Farrell reads all of his emails, so do not hesitate to contact him with your views on his video as well as how and where to purchase what I consider to be his, “Must Have” books, each a truly enlightening and educational tool.

Warren Farrell, Ph.D.